Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Algebra

    2. What is Algebra?

    1. Letters as Numbers

    2. Algebraic Expressions

    3. Introduction to Polynomials

    4. Like Terms

    5. Standard Form for Polynomials

    6. Polynomial Addition

    1. Introduction to Factoring

    2. The truth about factoring

    1. Roots and Radicals

    2. Introduction to Quadratic Equations

    3. The Discriminant

    1. The Real Number Line

    2. Intervals

    3. Interval Notation

    4. Basic Inequalities

    5. Flipping Inequality Symbols

    1. Lines & Equations

    2. Slope

    3. Slope Examples

    4. Midpoints

    5. The Distance Formula

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Algebra Worksheets

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Algebra - A Foundation for all Science & Math

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