Socratica is expanding our video offerings in High School — and we’re looking for your support!

Make math stick

Algebra is only offered in some schools … make sure you’re prepared

Fill in the gaps

As learning goes online, Socratica wants to ensure no one is left behind in their learning

See connections

As you understand the foundations of math, the rest of high school becomes more fun

What we do

We think beyond edutainment

“People are natural scientists—they're insatiably curious about our world. They don't have to be fooled into learning.”

Kimberly Hatch Harrison, President


The ranking of the US in PISA scores

114 videos

With plans to expand in math, programming, and science

3x growth

.. in the past 3 years. And only growing from here

Socratica High

Our Philosophy

01. It's not only what you learn, it's how you learn

Students need critical thinking skills more than ever. Our channel was founded on the Socratic method — always encouraging people to question their assumptions.

02. We value continous discovery

Science is a process of understanding the universe through new discovery — and we take that commitment seriously in creating our videos.

03. We love our community

Socratica has worked hard to create a community that is safe, curious, and supportive. In addition to complying with all regulations, we have a no-jerks policy, end of story.

Get a taste for
Socratica High

Watch this video to get an idea what we’re building

Socratica High gives more students the tools to succeed in higher math

All the data show it: students are falling behind in math, especially during COVID-19. Reigniting a joy of learning is the first, vital step to ensuring their success in higher grades.

Owls in the trees looking at a book

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


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