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Glowing Jello || Halloween Science Experiments for Kids || Tonic Water Jello

Learn how to make glowing jello for Halloween with this fun and educational science activity! This jello doesn't glow in the dark on its own, but when you shine a black light on it, it fluoresces out a different color light that we can see. The secret ingredient is tonic water, which contains Quinine, a fluorescent substance that absorbs UV light and fluoresces out a blue light. To make glowing jello, you'll need one package of Jello, one cup of boiling water, one cup of tonic water, a bowl, a spoon, and a refrigerator. Green Jello works better than orange or red. We made our glowing jello in a jar, but you can make it in any shape you like. Remember to not look directly at the black light as UV light can damage your eyes. This activity is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school kids who love science.



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