Phonics Reading Lessons


Phonics Reading Lesson 1...Mm

This video offers a clear and simple approach to help kids learn how to read in about 10 minutes a day. The lessons are focused solely on learning to read, without any distractions of music or sound effects. Each lesson builds on the previous one, so it's important to sign up for the mailing list to not miss any lessons. In Lesson 1, the focus is on the sound "m", also known as a phoneme. The lesson includes practicing reading and saying words that begin or end with the "m" sound, both slowly and quickly, to help students practice blending sounds together to make words. This phonics practice is essential for learning how to read. The video includes links to the next lesson and additional content, but the focus is solely on learning to read. This series of reading lessons was made possible by the Socratica Foundation, an educational nonprofit with a mission to build a universal knowledge base for students. No credits are mentioned.



The Socratica Foundation is a nonprofit with the mission to build the essential, universal knowledge base every student needs to succeed. We provide a solid educational foundation in the three timeless pillars: literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking.