Phonics Reading Lessons


Phonics Reading Lesson 3…Ff

This video is about helping kids learn how to read. The lessons are straightforward and easy to follow, with no distractions or sound effects. Each lesson builds on the previous one, and it takes about 10 minutes to complete. The focus is on phonics, which is sounding out words based on the sounds each letter represents, rather than naming the letters of the alphabet. In Lesson 3, the sounds m and s are reviewed, and the new sound f is introduced. The video shows and pronounces words that begin or end with the f sound, as well as words that use the m and s sounds. The practice of blending sounds together to make words is an essential part of learning how to read. The video is part of a series of reading lessons made possible by the Socratica Foundation, an educational nonprofit that aims to provide a solid educational foundation in reading and writing, math, and critical thinking.



The Socratica Foundation is a nonprofit with the mission to build the essential, universal knowledge base every student needs to succeed. We provide a solid educational foundation in the three timeless pillars: literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking.