Kimberly Hatch Harrison


Kimberly earned her BS in Biology and another BS in English at Caltech. She did her graduate work in Molecular Biology at Princeton, specializing in Immunology and Neurobiology. Kimberly spent 16+ years as a research scientist and a dozen years as a biology and chemistry instructor. Kimberly is the author of "How to Be a Great Student."

Michael Harrison

Secretary / Treasurer

Michael earned his BS in Math from Caltech, and did his graduate work in Math at UC Berkeley and University of Washington, specializing in Number Theory. A self-taught programmer, Michael taught both Math and Computer Programming at the college level. He applied this knowledge as a financial analyst (quant) and as a programmer at Google.

Alivia Brown


Alivia graduated from UCLA in 2022 with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Evolutionary Medicine. During her time at UCLA, Alivia was involved in both psychological and anthropological research which ultimately led her to find a passion for education and cross-cultural knowledge. Alivia is a video editor, educational researcher, and an online educator. Alivia also has her own YouTube channel devoted to Anthropology - where she hopes to make anthropology a more accessible topic for the global community.

Megi Shuke


Megi has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master of Education in Learning Technologies from the University of Minnesota. She has spent many years teaching in Vietnam, Albania and Portugal. Megi is fluent in Albanian, English, Italian, Spanish, and is currently studying German. She is passionate and dedicated to online learning, teacher education, learning with/through social networks, and digital equality - all of which she promotes through an informal learning community called AlbanianStudygram.